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Washing Machines: What Plumbing Is Needed For A Washing Machine?

Washing Machines: What Plumbing Is Needed For A Washing Machine?

Installing a washing machine is a lot easier than you probably think. If you understand some basic DIY skills then you’re good to go. I’m going to answer a common question that I often get asked which is “what plumbing do I need for a washing machine?”.

The answer is – it depends! It depends on what type of washing machine that you have. Traditionally all washing machines required a hot and cold feed so you’d need to run a supply for each. Nowadays most modern washing machines only need a cold feed only as the water is heated internally. I’ll be writing a blog piece on this at some point in the future so stay tuned.

Be sure to check with the manufacturer of your washing machine to establish whether you need a hot and cold feed or just a cold feed only.

Besides having a water supply you’ll need to connect the flexible waste hose to the plumbing waste pipe system. This is so that the washing machine can discharge its waste.

It’s typically connected to a washing machine standpipe or a washing machine trap under the sink. Make sure a non-return valve is installed to prevent any waste creeping back into your washing machine.


I’m sure this goes without saying but you need to make sure that you have an electrical socket nearby to plug in the washing machine so that it has power.

The Washing Machine – what would we do without it?


So to summarise the plumbing connections that you need to install a washing machine are:

  • A hot and cold water supply


  • A cold water supply
  • A drainage connection
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