The bathroom installation which we were carrying out in Dartford in Kent is now finished.

When you compare the before and after pictures, you can see how we’ve worked with the limited space that we had to accommodate a separate shower.

It’s really made a difference to the look and feel of the new bathroom.

The customer is over the moon with their brand new bathroom suite. Watch the video to see the final finish.

We thought it would be interesting to show you all how to silicone a new bathroom like a pro. Our head bathroom installer, Hamish, is an expert with a mastic gun and knows just how to get that perfect silicone finish.

Silicone sealant makes or breaks a bathroom in terms of that final finish so it has to be done properly.

Enjoy the video!

In this video, we show you the latest progress in a bathroom installation in Dartford. The plastering has just been finished so now we see our tiler Jay at work as he mixes the tile adhesive and gets the tiles ready for installation.

Hamish, our head bathroom installer, is seen applying the finishing touches to the vinyl floor. The new bathroom is really starting to take shape.

So what really happens when you rip out a bathroom suite in preparation for a new refurbishment? We thought it would be a good idea to film the process from start to finish so you know exactly what’s involved.

It’s not as simple as smashing everything and tearing it away from the walls. It’s important to be safe and careful especially as customers sometimes have children and pets who always love to wander into places that they shouldn’t.

We install a 210l Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinder in Dartford Kent and talk you through the different features.

If you have more than 2 bathrooms which are used at the same time we always recommend installation an unvented cylinder. This is because even if both bathrooms are being used at the same time, the water pressure is maintained so that the pressure does not drop.

As you can see it does take up quite a bit of room so prior planning is required before installation.

In this video, we show off a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri boiler installation in Dartford which was installed into a kitchen cabinet unit.

It’s a heat only boiler so it’s pretty compact and doesn’t take up much room but a cylinder for storing heated hot water is required.

We installed this Vitra V-Care Wall Hung Toilet in Dartford in Kent. It really is something else with crazy features like a rear cleaning nozzle, adjustable water temperature and even a dryer temperature and heated toilet seat! It has many more features which we don’t even know about.

One of our favourite features was the automatic opening and closing of the toilet seat.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

The Dartford Golf Club washrooms and bathroom project has now been completed.

Richard Costello talks us through the finish.

The cubicle system we have installed makes a huge difference to the final finish.

The wooden effect combined with the light grey colour scheme looks amazing.

The commercial washrooms and bathrooms have been designed with energy efficiency in mind from the LED lighting in the ceilings, automatic movement sensors, to the dual flush concealed cisterns, the automatic taps and the low energy hand dryers.

Richard Costello talks us through the progress so far at the washroom and bathroom upgrade at The Dartford Golf Club.

The walls have all been finished with the panelling so that it’s very easy to clean and maintain and will eliminate any potential future damp problems.

The first fix plumbing for the thermostatic showers have been run and the showers themselves are fully functional now and are in working order.

A special made to order stainless steel grate has been installed and this gives the showers an ultra modern look and feel.

The ceilings are finished but we’re waiting for the new extractor fan cover still which will be arriving soon.

Richard Costello talks us through the progress so far at the washroom and bathroom upgrade at The Dartford Golf Club.

The grey aqua wall panels have been installed and look really nice. We chose a modern grey colour which is really fashionable at the moment.

We have installed the suspended ceiling and have installed an efficient low energy LED lighting system.

We have replaced the old manhole covers too so they’re now fully functional. They are ready to be covered with latex so that the flooring is ready for the final vinyl finish.

The new aluminium double glazed powder coated windows have been installed too.

We decided to create a small gallery of before and after pictures of the washrooms and bathroom upgrade that we’re doing at the Dartford Golf Club.

It really shows how much work has gone into the project when you see what the old commercial washrooms and bathrooms were like.

The plumbers and builders are on site working hard at the Dartford Golf Club.

The builders are leveling out the doorway openings so that they’re ready for the doors to be installed.

The plumbers have run the first fix plumbing copper and plastic pipes and are installing the concealed cisterns for the back to wall pans that are going in.

The aqua panels on the walls have been installed too. It’s looking really good and will be amazing when it’s finished.

We’ll be posting more updates soon.

The Dartford Golf Club washrooms and bathrooms upgrade is going really well.

We ripped out the old showers and basins and have now installed the first fix plumbing.

Instead of using tiles in this bathroom we are going for modern grey colour acrylic shower panels (aqua panels) which will mean that the whole room will be watertight and waterproof.

The owners of the Dartford Golf Club won’t have to worry about any potential damp problems in the future.

The washrooms and bathrooms upgrade at the Dartford Golf Club is going according to plan. The old sanitary ware, taps, showers, fittings and tiles have been ripped out and the walls and floor have been brought back to brick and concrete.

The existing doorways were made foe single entry which isn’t ideal for a commercial building so we have opened them up.

The next step will be the first fix plumbing and then we’ll start preparing the walls and running the rest of the pipework.

The Dartford Golf Club’s heating and hot water system has been finished, the next job is to upgrade the washrooms and bathrooms.

In this video, Richard Costello explains that we will rip out all of the old washrooms and bathrooms out and will extend the entrances and areas to make them more accommodating to the members.

The commercial washroom and commercial bathrooms will look amazing once the installation job here is complete.

The heating and hot water system upgrade at the Dartford Golf Club is now complete!

The two 300l Unvented Cylinders were installed and the commercial boiler has now been replaced. We ordered a Potterton Paramount Four 60kW Commercial Boiler to cascade with the second boiler.

We have balanced the system and tested everything and it now works exactly as we planned.

The heating and hot water system upgrade at the Dartford Golf Club has been going really well. The cold water storage tanks and the Albion hot water copper cylinder have been disposed of.

We have installed two 300l Unvented Cylinders which will resolve the issue of general low water pressure throughout the building.

What we need to do now is replace the faulty commercial boiler with a brand new one.

The heating and hot water system at the Dartford Golf Club was in dire need of an upgrade. One of the Potterton Commercial Boilers had shut down so only one was left working.

The old system was a conventional gravity fed system with cold water storage tanks in the loft and a great big copper cylinder.

Our plan is to rip this old system out and replace it with a pressurised system using two 300l unvented cylinders and replacing the broken down boiler.

We’ve finished the bathroom refurbishment that we carried out in Dartford in Kent.

We replaced the shower curtain with a stylish looking glass bath screen. Instead of two taps on the basin, we fitted a basin mono mixer. This makes it a lot more comfortable to wash your hands as it mixes the hot and cold water together.

What do you think of the final look? The customer loves it.

We’ve started a bathroom refurbishment in our home town of Dartford in Kent. As you can see we’ve already ripped everything out and the guys are installing the bath.

We use laser line technology to ensure that everything is installed perfectly level. We pride ourselves on perfect bathroom installations so everything has to line up properly otherwise it’s not good enough.

We’ll put up the video with the final finish very soon.

The bedroom to bathroom conversion is now complete! We’re really happy with this bathroom installation and so it the customer. When creating a new bathroom in a new room it’s often difficult to see the vision as normally you’re replacing old sanitary ware and shower enclosures with new like for like versions.

We hope that you like the finish too.

This is a very unique project as we’re actually moving the bathroom from a smaller room to a much larger room (which is actually a bedroom!).

A bedroom to bathroom conversion! The customer is really excited about how it’s going to look and so are we!

The bathroom installation which we carried out Bromley in South East London is now finished. The customer chose high quality bathroom products which are really important, not just from an installation point of view, but from a maintenance point of view too. The shower bath, compact basin vanity unit and Geberit concealed cistern will mean that the bathroom will last for many years to come.

We’ve started a small bathroom installation in Bromley in South East London. Because of the tight space we’ve advised that they should install a modern square shaped shower bath, a wall hung toilet with chrome push button flush and a compact basin with a cabinet underneath.

The bathroom ensuite installation in Greenwich in London is finished. It’s a small compact space but we helped the customer choose the right bathroom products to make it look great and be functional at the same time.

We’ve started a bathroom installation and ensuite installation in Greenwich in London. Look at what we’ve done so far..

Come and see the final finish on the bathroom installation that we carried out in Eltham in London.

This video shows the latest progress on the bathroom installation that we’re currently doing in Eltham in London.

Check out the progress on the first day of the job at a bathroom installation that we’re currently doing in Eltham in London.

Check out the bloopers reel from our introduction video!

Watch our introduction video!

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