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Power Flush: What Is A Power Flush And How Long Does It Take To Carry One Out?

Power Flush: What Is A Power Flush And How Long Does It Take To Carry One Out?

A lot of customers ask me how long it will take to power flush their central heating system. When I respond explaining that a typical three bedroom house with a vented system takes about 5 hours I’m often confronted with a confused/blank look. I realised that this is because most people don’t even know what a power flush is so please allow me to explain.

A power flush is also referred to as a jet flush or a hard flush. It is basically cleaning out your central heating pipes using high velocity, low pressure water mixed with chemicals. This means that the process if relatively low risk in that it will not force open any loose joints (if you hired a qualified plumber then this shouldn’t be an issue!).

We normally use products by companies like Kamco and CalMag who are well known for their quality and reliability. The machines we use are Kamco Clearflow CF90 and CF210 and for smaller systems, we sometimes use the CalMag CalFlush Powerflush unit.

Kamco CF90 Quantum 2 Plumber in Dartford Kent

Kamco CF90 Quantum 2

The chemicals used are FX2 and Hyper-Flush by Kamco or CalMag have a handy pack which contains everything that you need.

CalMag Powerflush Pack Plumber in Dartford Kent

CalMag PowerFlush Pack

So How Does A Power Flush Actually Work?

The power flushing unit, or pump, is connected directly into the heating system. Sometimes this is across the tails of a radiator or across the circulator pump couplings. The high velocity, low pressure water mixed with the chemicals is pushed through the system using an instantaneous reversing device which helps to dislodge anything that shouldn’t be there.

The main object of a power flush is to remove any sludge, scale, silt, oil, flux, grease or corrosion deposits so that there are no circulation issues within the system. If your boiler system or pipes make weird noises in the night then it probably needs a power flush!

Once all the bad stuff has been lifted fresh clean water is then forced through the pipes pushing all the contaminated water out into a waste bucket. We normally do each radiator separately too to make sure that they have been cleaned thoroughly.

Central Heating Installation Dartford Kent

Setting up the radiators

How Do You Know If You Need A Power Flush?

If your central heating system is experiencing any of the following issues then get in touch with your local qualified plumber.

  • Some radiators are partially cold
  • Some radiators are completely cold
  • Radiators need to be bled on a regular basis
  • Circulating pumps keeps on failing
  • Strange noises coming from the boiler or pipes
  • Cold feed pipe gets blocked
MultiPlumb Power Flushing

MultiPlumb power flushing experts

We’re based in South East London and Kent so if you live in this area and are experiencing any of the above problems give us a call and we’ll be glad to help. We offer free non obligation quotes.

The main benefit of power flushing your central heating system on a regular basis is that it improves energy efficiency which helps to reduce your fuel bills and it prolongs the life of your boiler and radiators.

Now that you understand how a power flush works it should hopefully make sense as to why it takes the time that it does. You can’t really cut corners when power flushing.

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We have over 15 years of experience power flushing central heating systems so if you live in South East London and Kent call us for a free quote!

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5 replies
    • Nik
      Nik says:

      I understand it varies, but roughly how long between power flushes do you mean when you say “regularly”? And what about if I had a MagnaClean fitted after my last flush?

      • Richard Costello
        Richard Costello says:

        Hi Nik,

        Even with a MagnaClean installed, we recommend having a powerflush carried out at least every 2-3 years.




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